Helicopter Mother Leaves 72-Hour Voicemail to Ungrateful Son


Written by: Steven Zhou

Local mother Khadija Abboud reportedly left a 72-hour voicemail to her “darling son, Arman.” The recording starting on Thursday and ending the following Sunday. Khadija Abboud now holds the national record for the longest recorded audio track, having broken the previous record of 56 hours.

“Once I call him, I just can’t stop talking,” said Khadija. “He’s the sweetest child in the world, but he’s so fragile. I have to constantly remind him to not do drugs, stop at red lights, chew his food, wipe his tush-tush, tie his shoes, fold his blankies, and brush his teeth. That’s my responsibility as a parent.”

Arman was frustrated with his mother, saying, “God, can’t she just give me a break? I’m 22-years-old! She complains that I don’t appreciate her enough, but all she does is pay for my tuition, buy me clothes, cook for me when I’m lazy, comfort me when I’m sad, and tell me she loves me no matter what. Just give me some space already!”

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