Written by: Dan Kaliblotzky

San Diego Grandmother Ruth Klein reported difficulty upholding her usual habit of giving plenty of food to the neighborhood youth as trick-or-treaters roamed the neighborhood this Halloween.

“Halloween has always been quite hard to keep up with. Last time, I did not anticipate how many children would need paper plates and seran wrap because they couldn’t stay at my house to eat my pie,” Klein said, wiping away a tear. “It may have been rude, but they’re loving children, and I was just happy to feed them.”

Klein regularly invites families on Pear Tree Avenue for extravagant dinners in which she consistently states that local teenagers are “looking thin” and “want another slice of pie, right?”

Local child and new trick-or-treater Tommy Davis intends to visit the Klein household to attend Klein’s annual participation in the October holiday.

“I turned four this year, and Mrs. Klein makes yummy food, so I really want to trick or treat at Mrs. Klein’s house,” said Davis. “Mommy never lets me go to Mrs. Klein’s potlucks because she says she makes unhealthy food, but it’s probably just because mommy’s apple pies taste like garbage and she’s jealous.”

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