Area Bus Driver Who Drove Away From Stop Definitely Saw Student Running to Catch Up


Written by: Jack Yang

Commuter student Ralph Payne was left desolate when they purportedly saw the bus driver in the mirror giving them ‘the bird,’ as they ran to catch up with a bus.

“This day couldn’t get any worse. I was supposed to take my midterm in half an hour, and the next bus doesn’t come for another two! What am I supposed to tell my professor?” Payne said. “I was on time, but I swear, the bus driver was watching me from all the way down the street, making a face and muttering something. It was all very intimidating, and I stopped for a second. But as I did, she hopped back on the bus and started the engine!”

“Sounds like a personal problem,” Bus Driver Winnifred “Whiz” Jackson said during an interview. “I drove buses for more than 70 years, and I’ve seen enough lollygaggers for a lifetime. My punctuality record is spotless, save the time an earthquake knocked my bus off a cliff in ‘89! If y’all are still rolling up thinking I’ll ruin my image to take pity on your time mismanaging behinds, you better shape up! ‘Winnie the Whiz’ is just gonna keep on whizzin!’”

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