Police Continue Extensive Manhunt for Area Woman Who Stole Eight Dollars Worth of Lip Gloss

Written by: Sage Cristal

When explaining her motives, Logan stated, “Because, I’m worth it.”
Photo by: Jessica Ma

Local law enforcement is conducting a high-priority search for UCSD student Helena Logan, who was witnessed stealing eight dollars worth of lip gloss from a local Forever 21, according to police. On Monday morning, authorities released footage from security cameras that shows Logan stuffing a movie-night-themed pack of flavored lip gloss into her bra before exiting the store without paying.

On Sunday, Logan entered the Forever 21 at 7 p.m. with a group of friends. While her friends were purchasing items, Logan took the lip gloss from the checkout line display without employees seeing her. It wasn’t until police received an anonymous tip that Logan had been seen using the soda-flavored lip gloss that the search for Logan began.

In response to finding out she had made La Jolla’s top 10 most wanted list, Logan posted to her Facebook wall on Monday night, “Mmmmm this lip gloss tastes like buttered popcorn, soda, gummy bears, and sour gummy worms all in one! The police couldn’t catch me if they tried.” The police reported on Tuesday that they do not yet have any leads on where Logan may be hiding, but they did receive another anonymous tip that she was planning to rob the Chase Bank in UCSD’s Price Center food court.

In preparation for Logan’s next heist, local authorities have requested backup from police departments in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Tijuana in hopes that other regional law enforcement divisions will be motivated to join in the fight against the crafty and potentially dangerous art history major.

Local authorities have also ensured that media outlets were broadcasting news of Logan’s plans. Logan’s pictures, along with her Facebook profile, have been plastered on televisions, computers, and cell phones in the past few days in hopes that someone will contact law enforcement with any information regarding Logan’s whereabouts.

As of this morning, an anonymous tip to a local media organization reported that Logan was still in the area, probably living with a friend in one of the Muir College dorms. No official word has been given by law enforcement, but one police officer on the force confided to reporters that a S.W.A.T. team was preparing to rush the dorms.

A La Jolla lawyer weighed in on Logan’s legal prospects if caught, saying, “Helena’s in some deep shit. I wouldn’t want to be her right now. Hell — I wouldn’t want to be her lawyer! She’s probably looking at three to five years if she takes a plea deal.”

Police are still searching for Logan, and request anyone with knowledge of Logan’s whereabouts contact their local authorities. In the meantime, law enforcement have advised local businesses to keep strict watch on all of their lipsticks, balms, and glosses until further notice.

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