Top Fifteen Things You’ll Blame on the Aliens

Top Ten

Written by: The MQ

  1. The First and the Third Crusades, but not the Second one
  2. The reason why The Big Bang Theory is still running
  3. The disappearance of your neighbor’s cat
  4. Push doors that look like pull doors
  5. All of the things you previously blamed on your clone before they died tragically
  6. Giraffes
  7. Your second, third, and fifth existential crises
  8. Global warming
  9. That one time you were able to put both pant legs on at the same time
  10. The people living inside Mount Rushmore
  11. Crop circles
  12. Not being the first to initiate contact with us
  13. The brief ceasefire that lasted seven minutes during The Battle the Bulge
  14. Your dad not coming back
  15. The chilling sensation of 5 Gum

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