Written by: Samantha Cane

Following the immediate influx of Christmas decorations into markets and superstores alike, local resident Nicholas Clauser chose to reject the waves of red and green. “I don’t understand why this wholesome holiday is defined by a really dull color scheme,” complained Clauser as he flailed red and green tinsel around. When asked what about the colors turn him away, Clauser pointed to a bin of Christmas decorations and exclaimed, “They’re all the same shade! It’s boring.”

As Clauser angrily rifled through the bin and examined two wall decorations of different hues before roughly throwing them down, Clauser’s friend Jesse Weiler explained, “He’s severely colorblind.”

Weiler briefly looked back at Clauser, who had tears in his eyes while holding up a red and green ornaments before adding, “He legally can’t drive.” Weiler paused before continuing, “It’s also why he had to give up his dream of being a pilot. He’s never quite recovered since.”

Copy Editor at The MQ

Samantha Cane is a second-year literature major at UCSD. She is the current Copy Editor of the MQ.

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