Halloween Party Ruined by Untimely Serial Killer: “This Isn’t the One We Hired”


Written by: Samantha Cane

Halloween weekend for a suburban costume party turned into a literal nightmare when one of the guests committed murder. Initially hired as a costumed stripper, the main suspect showed up on the scene scantily dressed in nothing but fishnets and a bloody coat, seemingly in costume. Recent reports reveal that the substance on her coat was actual blood and the “props” she brought were identified as the murder weapons.

Partygoers were appalled at how well the suspect blended in. One commented from Sharp Mesa Vista hospital, “She threw off her coat, and I was about to get the bills ready, but instead I got stabbed.

“What’s worse is that she pocketed the money, too. She also killed Jimmy.”

People only started to notice the murders two hours after the suspect’s arrival. One partygoer said, “Whenever I’d go to different rooms, I’d see people lying down on the floor with, like, a pool of blood surrounding them. But I just assumed that was part of their costumes.”

Copy Editor at The MQ

Samantha Cane is a second-year literature major at UCSD. She is the current Copy Editor of the MQ.

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