Written by: Hannah Rosenblatt

An up-and-coming Chip On Your Shoulder has been slowly but surely building up its confidence to become more than a minor nag. After successfully spreading its influence to your dreams, this Chip has received a promotion to That-Thing-That-Keeps-You-Awake-All-Night-In-A-Bone Chilling Sweat.

The promotion comes with considerable benefits, such as the ability interrupt your train of thought during important meetings, interviews, and any time you’re doing mental math. It has been slowly creeping into the forefront of your mind with adding urgency and initiative, since you have put this important life matter off so long that it is physically impossible for you to complete it in a reasonable fashion, and what if you just utterly failed at everything you’ve worked for and all of your efforts and plans are destroyed permanently.

The newly established Anxiety-Inducing-Focus-Of-All-Your-Thoughts-And-Efforts is expected to continue its expansion and gain more power until it has all but consumed you and your meager attempt to remain in control of your life trajectory as you realize that you managed to procrastinate the single most important task that you have to complete, and oh god how are you going to possibly do all of this.

Hannah Rosenblatt is an MQ alum. She was the 2017-18 Editor-in-Chief.

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