Written by: Amit Roth

As February began, many young people described themselves as “pressed to impress” their partners. One such youth, Julian Wheels, found a solution on his “For You” page. “It’s nearly Valentine’s, and I’m like 95% sure that Chelsea’s gonna expect something big. That’s when I found @gfwhisperer on TikTok. I’m so glad subtlety in human communication is slowly getting phased out thanks to these relationship hacks.”

The creator, known for his romantic advice, has “come in clutch” to many users in the comments. “This guy is the real thing!” exclaimed Wheels. “People say that the reason he can make 20 TikToks a day is because he just points to some text above him, but I think that’s reductive. He knows his stuff.”

Detailing his Valentine’s plans, Wheels continued: “I think I’ll use a gfwhisperer classic: the ‘pretend to not be interested plus gaslighting combo.’ At our date, I’ll show up 40 minutes late with no explanation, then edit my text that tells her when we were supposed to meet. I can already tell she’s gonna be crazy about me.”

Neither Wheels nor his partner could not be reached for comment after that night, but the fallout appears to have motivated Wheels to start his own TikTok page, where he explains “what women really want.”

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