Written by: The MQ

  1. Why the rent keeps getting higher when people keep getting poorer
  2. Why you’re too afraid to ever ask for anything
  3. Magnets, how do they work
  4. Why people go to med school
  5. Where that smell is coming from
  6. Why your dad stopped responding to your texts
  7. Why you’re tired from 8 A.M. – 8 P.M. but wide awake from 8 P.M. – 8 A.M.
  8. Why the smaller the battery size is, the louder it screams
  9. Where Cheeto dust comes from
  10. Why you’re “not allowed” to drink hydrochloric acid even though there’s acid in your body
  11. How Mother Earth retains her curves
  12. Why everyone else can’t see the eighth color of the rainbow
  13. Why you don’t like healthy food even when it tastes good
  14. How they clean all that coal
  15. What the fuck a “blue raspberry” is

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  1. It’s difficult to find educated people on this subject,but you sound like you know what you’re talkingabout! Thanks

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