i went on a field trip to the zoo and it was fun but mr. brown made us fill out worksheets

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Written by: The MQ

Kyle Watson, 7 Years Old

Hi. Today was a fun day at school because I saw sloths, and they are my favorite animal. I don’t like Mr. Brown because he always makes us do worksheets and he made us do one about the zoo and it was stupid because I just wanted to see the sloths. They told us we were the fastest first grade class to fill out the worksheet, and I don’t know why they said that because I’m in second grade this year. Mr. Brown didn’t seem confused though so I think we did it right. Anyways, after that they let us see the sloths and they were so cute! I took a picture and I made it my home screen. He’s just hanging there and I think he was hungry but mom only packed me almonds. I don’t think the sloth likes almonds because they’re gross.

It was really exciting to see the sloths but they took us away from them and into a big room with lots of books and grown ups in uniforms with more worksheets. They asked us who wanted to be a scientist when they grew up, and I said I want to be a vet and play with sloths. They said that was cute, and I also think sloths are cute, so I think I did it right. Anyways, we walked around and copied down some of the stuff written on the walls onto papers, and I gave mine to Mr. Brown and then sat down to pick which sloth picture should be my home screen.

The grown ups got a bunch of papers with shiny gold stuff on them and told us we were Junior Zoologists for having them. I think that’s cool because all the other vets will be jealous of me when I show them I am a Junior Zoologist award and I played with sloths. Johnny is already jealous because he didn’t go to the zoo because his mom forgot to sign the permission slip because she’s stupid. I told my mom I would tell Mr. Brown that she is making me feel like a failure if she did not sign it because Whitney did that and her mom got in trouble with the teacher and so my mom signed the permission slip and I think I did that right.

Mr. Brown told us that next month we are going to a water treatment plant and I think that might be cool because vets treat animals to make them feel better so I want to see who treats water. I wonder if that is where water is treated to become Capri Sun.

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