November 1, 2023 Read it and weep profusely. Volume XXX Issue II

Written by: Summer Davis

With recreational marijuana now legal in California, benefactors are looking for ways to deliver its benefits to a wider audience. A group of college students have formed a charity to help one of the most under-served populations in the state: prisoners.

“We created Weed for Prisoners to bring the naturally destressing properties of marijuana to the prison population,” said founder and vegan Morgyn Stacey. “They need it more than we do, you know?”

California’s prison population has skyrocketed, partly due to the three-strike laws that count drug possession as a serious offense.

“Most states require a violent felony before sentencing someone, but California copied Texas which, historically, has never been a good idea,” lawyer Michelle Khazei explained.

“Cops found weed in my car three times. But that’s not hard to do when you’re pulling someone over 300 times a year,” said inmate Bryan Andrade. “One time, I was the passenger and they still pulled me over. To this day I don’t know how they did that.”

Andrade reacted to the news of Weed for Prisoners with surprise. “White people are giving away their weed? They’re giving it away for free instead of commuting our sentences? Really? Of course they are. Of course.”

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