Local Man Concerned About Politics, Does Nothing About It


Written by: Matthew McMahon

In light of recent national debates for and against gun control, as well as proposed changes to education in America, California resident Harrison Argant contacted reporters to speak his mind on the prevailing political issues.

Argant claimed to be taking an active position in the current political scene. Argant told reporters, “The issues of gun control and public school funding hit very close to home for me. That is why I’ve been spending days browsing activism pages on Reddit and Tumblr. Yesterday, I shared a strongly worded op-ed from CNN. I even considered writing a paragraph on Facebook about it.”

When pressed for information about how he intends to make a difference, Argant replied, “Well, I considered attending some protests that were organized in my area, but I was scheduled for work that day, and I really couldn’t take another day off. Besides, I already changed my profile picture on Tumblr and Facebook to a funny cartoon making fun of the NRA. All four of my followers know that I’m trying to inspire change in this garbage country.”

Argant was later seen in class during a scheduled student walkout, furiously taking notes as if the class had continued uninterrupted.

Social/Publicity Chair at The MQ

Matthew McMahon is a 4th year at UCSD.

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