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Recently, L’Oreal released its new advertisement, attempting to sell the L’Oreal Active Bonding Mango Scent Anti-Dandruff Maximum Overdrive Hair and Body Wash and Moisturizer. Breaking formula, L’Oreal discarded nudity by replacing it with informative descriptions of exactly how the shampoo worked.

“What do you mean there’s no shower scene?” exclaimed concerned 14 year old Tim Dunn. “I loved those ads, you know, for the camera work.” Many others included in Tim’s demographic felt the same way, reportedly, taking to 4chan to express their disappointment.

Following this outburst, parents began to shame L’Oreal for their actions online although one mother, Sharon Goldwell, reported saying, “The only reason that people are angry is because their sons are starting to come out of their rooms.”

When pushed to respond to these allegations, local prepubescent teen Grant Dalton stated, “When your parents monitor your search history, sometimes this is all we can get.” L’Oreal responded to the backlash with the message: “We promise to increase suds in our ads by 100 percent, and for the love of all that is holy, learn about incognito mode.”

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