Two Titans of UCSD Class Battle Over Reading Neither Understood


Written by: The MQ

Rufus Dunmore and Elliot Sinclair, mountainous figures in Professor Glenmore’s EDS 138 class, squared off in class during a discussion. Their voices, charged with the confidence of people who have been taught that everyone gives a shit about what they think, clashed through the room.

“I really don’t think that’s it,” said Dunmore. “Demetrio’s theories on early development point to the need for psycho-acoustic and kinesthetic educational models, not the need for greater peer group education.”

The rest of the class sat in stunned silence, as they did every class with group discussion. They knew their voices would be drowned out by the righteous roars of their white, male, upper-middle class peers.

“Peer group education!? Damn your eyes, Rufus. may the harpies pluck them out,” boomed Elliot Sinclair. “Psycho-acoustic and kinesthetic models were Thompson’s prerogative for the working class. Demetrio demanded greater epistemic study of intra-group school culture transmission.”

“… No,” clarified Professor Glenmore. “No, that wasn’t it at all. These readings were about the success of school lunch programs. Does anyone else want to provide some insights? Someone we haven’t heard yet?”

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