Written by: Robert Renfro and Matthew Miltimore

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick: A Guide to Becoming the World’s Best Golf Caddy

Horace Scope, locally-renowned golf caddy, has begun the press tour for his latest book on the delicate art of golf caddying. Ace of Clubs: Bringing a Poker Face onto the Golf Course presents, in Scope’s own words, “the opportunity to remind people that golfers don’t pull their own weight, or clubs.”

“It was a cold, wintery morning when I first stepped onto the Denver Municipal Golf Course,” wrote Scope. “It took a team of a dozen snowmen five days to dig me out of the snow-filled sand trap on hole 13.” These are just a few of the intrepid moments presented in this horrifyingly-long treatise on club-lugging.

When Scope was asked about the low sales of his previous book, Not Everything Can Be a Hole-in-One: The Will to Keep Driving, he remarked “It’s just par for the course, authors rarely have success in the Denver Metropolitan area.” It may be for this reason that Scope has chosen to relocate to the golf-capital of the world: La Jolla, California.

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