Written by: Summer Davis

Congressional Democrats celebrated this month after two major political achievements in January. They succeeded in passing a bipartisan bill which will maintain the Bush-era practice of warrantless wiretapping by the FBI, allowing the Trump administration to monitor Americans’ communication with people in other countries. Democrats also successfully ramped up their warnings of Trump’s authoritarian behavior as the president pushed out the Deputy Director of the FBI.

“Things have been going so well for us this year,” said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a vocal critic of Trump and key supporter of giving him the power to spy on people. “If our luck continues, we’ll have a Democrat president once Mueller finds evidence of obstruction of justice by Trump. Our constituents are starting to realize the man has no regard for the rule of law.” Pelosi then offered to read aloud a bill that would allow the FBI to monitor domestic communications as long as they “asked a judge really nicely.”

Civil liberty activists expressed concern that giving the Trump administration the authority to spy on Americans would put the president’s targeted communities at risk. Pelosi responded, “The FBI has been watching minority communities and immigrants for years. They should be used to it by now.”

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