Cabal Controlling Rotten Tomatoes Outed After “Black Adam” Release


Written by: Jacob King

Ahead of its premiere, Black Adam received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 52%. “I remember watching Man of Steel when I was eight years old. I’ve loved every DC movie since, regardless of its quality,” said Goethe Ham, record holder for most tickets bought to Batman v Superman.
“This movie is not being reviewed fairly,” Ham continued. “They must be using some metric for reviewing these movies other than cool CGI fight scenes, which is honestly absurd.”

After the large fan backlash, Rotten Tomatoes looked back at its critic reviews and found a negative review published by an unverified critic under the name D. Cee, who was actually found to be a high-ranking Disney executive. This review has since been removed, but to Black Adam fans, this is indicative of a larger problem.

“I knew it,” said Metty Polis. “The critics hate us for what we love. All these negative reviews that DC movies get year after year were part of a great plan to destroy us loyal fans, patiently waiting for the resurrection of Snyder and his vision. Well, except for Aquaman, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad. Those movies only got positive reviews because they weren’t connected to Snyder’s vision.”

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