Written by: Andrew Sitko

Following the Russian Army’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Charles Dawkins, CEO of the furniture company Crockery Farm, has announced that bean bag chairs will no longer be sold in Russia. Dawkins was not the first private businessman to take action, as his announcement was preceded by companies such as PayPal and Apple refusing to serve Russian citizens to show political support for Ukraine.

While many have hailed these acts as displays of true bravery and patriotism, others have questioned the morality of freezing uninvolved citizens’ access to money and supplies due to the actions of their authoritarian government. In response to such criticism, Dawkins released the following statement: “In times like these, essential businesses must take a stand against communists that think they have the proletariat-given right to lounge around in the comfiest chairs imaginable while spreading their red propaganda.” While it remains unknown how effective this embargo on bean bag chairs will be towards the Russian population, this stance has succeeded domestically with a few Americans remembering that bean bag chairs exist.

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Andrew Sitko was recently arrested by the comedy police and charged for Possession of Killer Jokes. This is their second offense following a Grand Larceny charge from January 27th, 2003.

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