Unique Curses to Wish Upon Your Enemies

Top Ten

Written by: The MQ

Unique Curses to Wish Upon Your Enemies

  1. May You Only Have the Butt Pieces ofBread Left
  2. May None of the Textbooks You Need forClass be Available for Free on the Internet
  3. May an Airplane Fly Overhead Every Timethe Professor Answers Your Question
  4. May You Choke on Your Own Spit in theMiddle of a Lecture and Have Everyone ThinkYou Have COVID-19
  5. May Every Pizza Shop That You Enter Becomea Piazza Server Base
  6. May Your Classes Start Taking Attendancefor Lectures
  7. May Someone Wave at You and You WaveBack Right As You See That They Were ActuallyWaving at Their Friend
  8. May You Never Be 100% Confident That YouTurned in the Right Assignment
  9. May Your Bank Account Have One CentLess Than That Thing You Need to Buy
  10. May Your Jokes Never Land

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