Anti-defamation League Champions New Era of Kindness


Written by: Andrew Sitko

Anti-defamation League Champions New Era of Kindness

On October 21st, President Biden unknowingly flashed a white supremacist hand symbol while he was at a Town Hall meeting. Biden’s hand connected his index finger and his thumb with three fingers up, which is universally known as the “okay” symbol. The Anti-Defamation League has asked for an apology of the President for “using a symbol that, we said before, is also a white supremacist symbol. You see, if you look at it from a certain way and photoshop a Nazi flag behind it…”

President Biden was quick to respond, “I apologize to the uh, I apolo… I uh peace to the IRA, when you walk back on a plank, you take a…” The Anti-Defamation League has championed a “New Era of Kindness”, announcing that with the President’s apology that they can start to move forward with ending the association of these symbols with white supremacy. The ADL has currently collected the names and addresses of three high schoolers for using “white supremacist wojak images,” selling them on Twitter to any buyers at five dollars an identity. The ADL has furthermore released their mission statement, claiming, “We think the only way to put an end to white supremacy is to destroy it with violent force. That’s why we’ve put all the funds we’ve earned from the doxxing toward supporting Israel in their struggle to cleanse their homeland.”

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