Written by: Yuri Bukhradze

Nintendo Accidentally Sues Itself After Remaking its Own Game

Nintendo’s legal department recently announced that they will be pressing charges against the creators of “Donkey Kong HD,” a 4K remake of the 1981 arcade classic — a game which turned out to be a product by Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development, causing confusion within the company.

The representative for Nintendo EPD, Mario L. Bowser, commented on the lawsuit. “I can’t believe we are being sued by our own corporation,” he said. “All we did was follow the quarterly plan. This was literally in the meeting, everyone agreed on it.” According to Bowser, they tried to contact the legal department to resolve the conflict “or at least get someone to represent us,” but the only response was “Don’t expect to settle this out of court, mushroom eater.”

W. A. Luigi, a lawyer for Nintendo, stated that “Despite this being our own company we are suing, we can’t let them just go and remake our own games. They are stealing money we could spend on more lawsuits!”

The presidents of Nintendo refused to comment, while chief game designer Shigeru Miyamoto stated, “Next time we will be suing people for saving their game since this is technically making changes to the game files.”

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