Written by: Jacob King

Home Shopping Network Officially Launches New Streaming Service

The popular television station The Home Shopping Network announced that it is going to be launching its own streaming service called “Shopping+.” The service, costing $10.99 a month, was described in a press release as “allowing fans to relive the literal thousands of hours of content produced by the HSN and find the perfect way to spend that $100 your grandchild gave you for Christmas.”

When questioned about the service, CEO Andy Bareman said, “What? Every other goddamned company is creating a streaming service. Look at NBC! They saw that people liked “The Office” and thought that was enough to get people to pay five dollars a month — forgetting that the only reason “The Office” was so popular was because it was easily accessible on a streaming service everybody owned.”

Many people online have questioned the use of a paid streaming service whose only purpose is to sell them more products. In response, the official HSN Twitter account responded with: “You literally pay for Amazon Prime.”

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