Written by: Aniela Drumonde

Area Man Experiences Brief Sexual Thrill After Seeing Someone Unmask

The emotion Raphael Fratangeli felt upon witnessing a complete stranger’s full, unmasked face was, in his words, a “combination of revulsion and arousal.” Commenting on his reaction, Fratangeli explained, “I mean, I can’t imagine being close enough to see a stranger’s full face nowadays. If you’re close enough to admire, you’re close enough to contract a deadly airborne disease, is what I always say.”

“It was like a strip tease, but just for the face,” said Fratangeli, reminiscing. “I was doing my daily night walks, which is my way of letting out some restless energy so I don’t rearrange my furniture again. I was just about to turn back when I saw this woman opening the door to her home. She just … pulled at the elastic on the left ear, letting the mask cascade to the floor like a sensuous feather, and as she tugged it so carefully down, the mask gently caressed the place where her cheekbone and smile met. I was immediately entranced. I think I finally understand what all those repressed Victorians were talking about with their whole ‘ankles’ thing. And it keeps happening. I saw someone’s jaw the other day, and needed to lay down for the rest of the day in my boudoir.”

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