Written by: The MQ

Top Ten Worst Parts of 2020

  1. The Epcot ball rolled away, flattening Orlando
  2. NPR rebranded as National Private Radio
  3. 20th Century Fox killed off Bart Simpson in the 32nd season finale
  4. Mathematicians cancelled probability — now either something happens, or it doesn’t
  5. The Hindenburg took to the air, hit an iceberg, and sunk
  6. Christ came back and was not nearly as good looking as we thought he’d be
  7. The announcement of a Riverdale spinoff following Jughead’s twin brother, who is still played by Cole Sprouse
  8. The Bass Pro Shops’ pyramid fired an energy blast that wiped Memphis off the face of the earth
  9. Kanye West ended his public relationship with Kanye West
  10. The letter “F” was permanently removed phrom the alphabet

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