Written by: Dan Kaliblotzky

Political Science Class Constructs Left-leaning Tower of Piazza

A Piazza forum formed by students of POLI 104A to discuss class materials has recently been identified to contain disproportionately left-wing political views through a large “tower” of printed out Piazza posts compiled by student Albert Relfson. “I learned a lot about my classmates. There were like 15 posts about how scared people were that Roe v. Wade would be overturned. It made me realize there’s real danger lurking in this country. I mean the whole top third of this tower of printouts is just people mourning Barrett’s confirmation. When this many educated people are upset about the same thing, it shows a serious problem: nobody’s playing devil’s advocate!” Relfson pointed to the views in various posts expressing support for Joe Biden as “extreme socialist propaganda,” while others in the class described them as “barely leaning left of center.”

Relfson continued, “Anyways, all those crazy leftist posts were much longer than the posts asking about the late policy, which was already listed on the syllabus, so they ended up making the tower kind of tilted. ” Relfson claims the left-leaning tower is a “breakthrough in Poli Sci course analytics.” Relfson doubled down on his project, saying “I’m sure my professor will let me use this as my final.”

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