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Automobile Manufacturers Team Up To Make “Car Power Plants”

Following Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2035 ban on the sale of gas-powered cars in California, several automobile companies have begun work on new car-powered power plants.

According to an insider source, Ford, Chevy, Ram, and other American car manufacturers have announced their designs for a new, unprecedented power plant. Such plants will supposedly involve the companies’ top-of-the line gas vehicles driving in giant hamster wheels, generating electricity for local homes and businesses. Other designs feature Ford F150s and Chevy Silverados having turbines attached to their wheels, engines converted to boilers, and other questionable modifications for the sake of generating power.

When questioned, Ford CEO Jim Hackett confirmed the described plans: “Newsom’s declaration has come as a shock to us all. With this legislation on the horizon, we’re worried that other states may follow suit in banning our hardy, red-blooded, American-made vehicles. Here at Ford, we’re focused on sustainability — specifically, sustaining our profits in the face of our cars potentially becoming obsolete. That’s why we’ve designed this, er, ‘alternative’ energy power plant! Everyone loves alternative energy sources, right?”

The new power plants are projected to be implemented toward the end of 2022.

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