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I’m Just So Tired About the State of America… vs. Nothing a Bit of Retail Therapy Won’t Fix!

Written by: Stephen Lightfoot


I’m Just So Tired About the State of America…

By Mike Corbitt
Concerned Citizen

It seems like this year keeps getting worse and worse. I feel like I’ve never been so angry and uncertain before, and yet it also feels like this is just the tip of the iceberg. Back in March, I had hope that maybe — just maybe — we could all band together to beat back COVID and put just one win up on the board. But no, we let COVID ravage our country as it killed hundreds of thousands of people and hit communities of color the hardest. The animosity and brutality of our police have once again been laid bare on an international stage, and the future of American politics has seemingly never been more uncertain. Time feels like it’s flying by, but at the same time, every day feels more and more like an endless slog. I just don’t know what I can do to help. I mean, I know that the problems we’re experiencing can’t be blamed on the year — our societal problems will continue until enough of us demand change and see it through. But this year has really shattered America’s illusions of grandeur. I don’t understand the people who still say that they’re proud to be American, because I for one am tired of our country’s collective disregard for others, and broad inaction on the issues which impact us most.


Nothing a Bit of Retail Therapy Won’t Fix!

By Ted Adler
Brand Ambassador

Hey, I totally understand what you mean. The world is crazy right now, and in these trying times, we know that your friends, family, and loved ones are what’s most important. That’s why we want you to know that you’re always welcome to buy any of our products. We’ve got tons of deals and new items! Plus, our employees are ready to help so that they can still afford to pay rent and put food on the table. Perhaps you need to wake up early to stock up on facemasks to avoid catching a deadly disease? Why not try our new selection of alarm clocks? Or maybe you want to keep up your energy at a protest? How about some energy drinks? Right now, they’re two for five dollars! Or are you hosting a huge party which will inevitably prolong this pandemic? We’ve got great deals on utensils and disposable dinnerware. Plus, we’ve got some Black Friday deals coming up which are absolutely to DIE for. No matter what you need, now more than ever, we want to make sure that we can put your mind at ease so that you can get back to ignoring the plight of others, and we can get back to pumping up our stock price.

Editor in Chief Emeritus at The MQ

Stephen Lightfoot is Editor in Chief of The MQ.

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