Written by: The MQ

Top Ten Reasons The Queen of England Is Holding Out On Dying

  1. She’s rich, so unlike you she has access to healthcare
  2. She’s waiting for the Simpsons to do it first
  3. She’s not quite done with her GEs and she needs an extra year
  4. Her immune system already voted “Leave,” but legislation is slow
  5. At one point she was the youngest person in the world, so she thinks it’d be cool to get the other one
  6. She’s waiting for Mary Berry to come back to the Great British Bake-Off
  7. Dying is kind of subjective when you have a thousand more of you growing in a vat
  8. She’s waiting for someone to find her
    treasure map, so she can give a really vague hint on her deathbed
  9. She still hasn’t fulfilled her lifelong goal of wearing every hat in the world
  10. She’s spiting the Irish

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