Written by: The MQ

Lesser-Known Presidents of the United States

Most people think there have only been 45 presidents in American history, but revisionist history books omitted some lesser-known leaders of the free world. Here are their stories:

Burgermeister Meisterburger

  • Born in the US, but was raised exclusively by problematic old standup comedians specializing in racial stereotypes
  • Made history as America’s first clay president
  • Banned all toys during his presidency

The Kool-Aid Man

  • Believed in tearing down walls instead of building new ones
  • Vice-president was the Hamburger Helper
  • Gained popularity as most radical president

Theodor Geisel

  • Famously said, “One party, two party, red party, blue party.”
  • Said he was a doctor so people didn’t think they were voting for a normal politician
  • Had an anti-consumerism, pro-Christmas stance

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