UCSD to Build Online Security System With Money Gained from Facebook Partnership


Written by: Sage Cristal

UCSD to Build Online Security System With Money Gained from Facebook Partnership

Representatives from the UCSD Information Technology Services announced last Friday their plans to improve UCSD’s cybersecurity with funds secured from a partnership with Facebook. Trent Lou, a public representative for UCSD ITS, told reporters, “We have entered the 21st century where we are always in fear of our data being stolen and misused. We started working toward a secure future with our introduction of Two-Step Login. Unfortunately that only protects students from basic security breaches. But lucky for us, Mark Zuckerberg reached out to our esteemed university in the hopes that together we can create an online environment where students feel that their personal information is being protected.”

Starting in 2020 UCSD students will be expected to create a Facebook account to verify their email address, phone number, and street address before they are given access to their grades and course websites. From there, students can opt-out of a Fit-Bit program that will record their location, dietary habits, sleeping patterns, and biological makeup. Lou told students, “The Fit-Bits are for university use, and Facebook has promised to keep that data confidential. For the right price.”

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