Written by: Sharon Roth

Meninists United Announces Petition to Rename “Herpes” to “Himpes”

In response to the feminist movements’ emphasis on retelling herstory, prominent members from the meninist movement have decided that “it is our turn to reclaim a word.” Last week, Meninists United announced that they will officially be changing the name of the sexually transmitted disease “herpes” to “himpes.” Their mission statement for this project reads: “because men can have herpes, too.”

Jordan Gordonson, an admin of the Facebook group “Meninism For All (men)” fully backs this change. “Women aren’t the only ones who can have herpes,” he said, stretching in his “meggings” and sniffing a “mandle” on his desk, “it’s time we make STDs for men, too.”

Meninists United’s petition, which has been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook, has received backlash from the medical community. Dr. Jonathan Pepper, an esteemed gynecologist, is confused by the meninist movement’s drive. “People can contract a sexually transmitted disease regardless of gender. I don’t even know why you’re asking me this.”

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