UCSD Junior Ready for Farewell Tour


Written by: MQ Trophy Husband

UCSD Junior Ready for Farewell Tour

Local third-year student Dave Gracey has reportedly been found “preparing for his farewell tour.” “It’s this stupid thing he’s planning on doing for his senior year at UCSD,” expressed Gracey’s roommate Emily Johnson. ”I just think he knows he is getting washed up as an artist and decided to call it quits and say it’s a ‘farewell tour.’”

Gracey has confirmed that for the first leg of his tour he is not going to be attending any lectures or discussion, but will instead spend his time sleeping, eating, and leaving his room “every once in a while so Emily doesn’t think I’m, like, dead or anything.” Gracey spoke on how he has been preparing for it: “The other day I walked into a midterm and had to ask for a scantron, then a pencil 15 minutes later, and a calculator 15 minutes later.”

“Thankfully he has been taking care of his health,” Johnson said. “Dave has been keeping to a strict diet of Regent’s Pizza, In-n-Out, and Panda Express. But he only felt physically ready for the long year of touring when he added in his shower beer regimen.”

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