Former Child Star Explores Career Opportunities


Written by: Alberto Ruiz

Star of hit Disney Channel show Fairy Godmother, Alina Jay, has been spotted around La Jolla trying out a variety of careers. Meg, insider source and close friend of Jay, expressed, “She’s just finding herself. After years of being a puppet of Disney, Alina is looking forward to the toil of the working man and leaving the spotlight, which has illuminated her life and secrets for so long…”

In the past couple weeks, Jay was seen working the drive-through of a Slappy Joe’s Sopping Sloppy Joes, reviewing code for OpenAI, and conducting a trolley for the MTS Blue Line. When her bosses were questioned about her qualifications for these jobs, many cited her “ability to connect to the zeitgeist of the consumer market.”

One vocal critic of Jay’s internal exploration has been her own mother, Stacey Jay. “She just doesn’t know what she really wants, but I know what she really wants: more money! That’s why I have a contract for the Fairy Godmother Disney+ reboot ready for her when she is ready for some real cash flow.”

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