Dave Chappelle Sprains Elbow Punching Down


Written by: Justin Xu

Stand-up comic Dave Chappelle recently canceled all upcoming shows for the foreseeable future. “I woke up like I did any other day, thanking God for making me a successful Black man,” said Chappelle on The Joe Rogan Experience. “But then I felt excruciating pain in my elbow, and I was like, ‘Ouch.’”

According to Chappelle, his doctor said the cause was a chronic elbow injury from years of punching down, and any more would make the injury irreversible. “It’s tough having to choose between my elbow and my passion,” continued Chappelle. “I mean, I have no material left.”

Since then, Chappelle has toured the US, speaking in several states about the value of punching down and the threat of “woke­ism.” “I never realized how important it is that artists like me punch down until I stopped,” said Chappelle at one rally. “The woke mob is trying to scare us away from doing this, and we must win.”

In response, many Americans have asked Chappelle to run for poli­tical office. Chappelle shared that he will be on the presidential ballot in 19 states, promising voters “tax cuts for victims of Twitter cancel culture.”

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