HDH Enacts Quarterly Speed Dating Trials


Written by: Sydney Alexander

“The incessant buzzing of the fluorescent lights really sets the mood,” said one student.
Photo by James Woolley

For the past two quarters, UC San Diego Housing, Dining & Hospitality has proceeded with experimental speed dating trials in the Sixth College residential neighborhood. This initiative is designed for single students seeking a relationship, and offers dating trials synchronized with the pace of the quarter system. Parti­cipants are roomed with potential romantic candidates based on their preferences for gender and smoking status; at the end of the quarter, pairs may either confirm that they’ve met their match or request another round.

HDH shared that the idea for dorm speed dating came about when members of a statistics course group project surveyed the general population of the school about how content they were with their lives. Thirty percent of those surveyed said that they were “perfectly content,” 60% of people responded that they “need[ed] more rizz in their life,” and 10% did not answer the single question on the survey but still submitted the Google Form.

In response to these findings, HDH quickly drafted the speed dating initiative and sent out another poll on the Triton2Go app to gauge whether students would participate in the program. The reaction was almost immediate. The same 60% of “rizz-seeking” respondents answered within minutes approving the speed dating initiative. When asked why, one student said, “Bro, I just really need a homie in my life…” while another responded, “I get to live in Sixth with a view overlooking the ocean and a full-sized kitchen. What is there to lose?” With this positive feedback, HDH updated the housing portal so that students can opt into the Lonely Hearts LLC, located on the fourth floor of the Scholars Parking Structure.

So far, HDH has given free contracts to students on a first come, first served basis. One participant reflected on the program, saying, “I’m really trying, but I don’t think it’s meant to be — all the other couples seem like they’re working out. If nobody else wants to swap next quarter, I’m going to be stuck with my roommate again. And even if we’re not, we’re still neighbors! It’s going to be so awkward!”
Despite mixed results from the experiment, HDH is planning to expand their efforts, and is currently looking to partner with ABC. Future Lonely Hearts LLC residents may be able to receive discounted housing if they agree to appear on a spinoff series of The Bachelor.

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