UCSD Offers First Quantitative Sheep Studies Course


Written by: Everett Ririe

This quarter, UC San Diego began offering BAA 1: Quantitative Sheep Studies, a course to educate students on numerical methods for sheep counting. However, after only one lecture, students are already complaining that the class is “snore-inducingly boring.” One student, Nico LePetic, described their experience in the first lecture, saying, “After Prof. Aries’s introduction, he basically went right into counting. He said to ‘imagine the sheep lined up, jumping over a fence’ to make it easier, but when I did so, I fell asleep before he got to counting by twos.”

Professor Caprini O. Aries claimed that 99% of his class fell asleep within 15 sheep, and he says he “simply doesn’t understand why students aren’t engaged with the lecture. It must be those short attention spans caused by TikTok.”

The one student that did not fall asleep was Enzo Menniack, who said, “I’m embarrassed for my fellow students. Their snoring was so loud that I couldn’t hear the professor when he went over sheep subtraction. It was pretty slow, but I don’t get why counting sheep would put someone to sleep.”

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