Elon Musk’s Baby Name List Leaked


Written by: James Woolley

A recent wave of phishing attacks targeting X users has resulted in hundreds of thousands of mobile devices being compromised. Anti-phishing investigations speculate the hackers’ motivations to be “money,” “trolling,” or possibly “lmao,” and the impact has been wide-reaching. Users that interacted with links promising “free and quick X interaction boosts” report a wide range of private information stolen, such as credit card numbers, text messages, and locked notes. Included in the victims was X owner Elon Musk, whose documents were leaked online quickly after the hack. Included in the leak were files titled “elon’s planz for war profiteering,” “how 2 make eugenics cool,” and most interesting to internet users, “future names for baby army.”

The highly detailed note file contained over 80,000 symbols, a large proportion of which were not ASCII characters, including some that were hand drawn. Popularity polls for the names quickly started trending on X, with names such as “Sasuke Evangelion Deathtopia-Virtuoso Heart-Under-Blade,” “Neo Optimus Francis Galton Musk,” and “^^ [XD] ^^ (pronounced Steven)” trending near the top. It remains unclear if Musk leaked the files himself to boost interaction with his account on the platform.

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