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Price Center Plaza Looks So Good Now! vs Nothing Has Changed

Written by: Connor Betterly

By Anne Thusiastic
First-Year Student

Point: Price Center Plaza Looks So Good Now!

Price Center Plaza looks so good now! I love all the construction they are doing. It truly makes UC San Diego a better place to be! I always thought that that dumb little amphitheater was a blight upon this campus — another failed attempt by the UCSD administration to cultivate a sense of student culture. I am thankful that the Gods of PlanDesignBuild smote it from existence. Once Ventanas and Triton Center are complete, and all the markets have implemented Amazon Just Walk Out technology, I don’t know what else there will be to renovate! We’ll just have to keep building new colleges, some more trolley stops, and maybe a million-LED sphere or two to brighten up campus. Anyway, I’m so glad to see Price Center get the glow up it always deserved! I mean, remember how transformational phase one of the renovation was? What do you mean, “no?”

By John A. P. Thetic
Fourth-Year Student

Counterpoint: Nothing Has Changed

Tell me what they improved. Really. Storm drains? I’ll believe that once it rains and we see them tested. A few more trees and bushes? A canopy structure? And in the meantime, it’s just another part of campus I’ll have to walk around while they’re tearing everything down to build up anew. It’s like a phoenix — only instead of rising as a new baby bird, it’s the same bird with a fresh coat of paint.

The one thing, the only thing that Price Center West really needed was an improvement to that stupid zigzag path that runs alongside the lame little fountain. It is so awkward when there is anyone else on it. You can’t pass them if they are going your direction; if they’re going the other direction, you’re forced to look at them while they are on their phone, listening to their music, leaving you trying to decipher how you should navigate around them. Bumpy (and arguably ableist) as it is, at least KAHNOP • TO TELL A STORY (formerly known as CONCORDANCE) is wide and straight. I just think they should have prioritized renovating the tunnels so I can enter them more easily without the aid of my trusty lockpick.

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