Health Influencer Launches Brand of Mercury Supplements

Written by: Sharon Roth

“Not only is this mercury great for my health, I also love the way it settles in my stomach!” exclaimed one customer.
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Instagram influencer Jessica Poissonne is receiving backlash after promoting a new line of mercury supplements. Poissonne gained internet fame by sharing her 47-step morning routine, which takes approximately seven hours and involves the preparation of a dozen different beverages. In addition to a cup of matcha and a glass of alkaline water with lemon juice, Poissonne recently shared a recipe for a “fairycore morning potion” that contains mercury, a toxic metal.

“I love taking supplements. I take vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, and G in the morning, and vitamins H through Z before bed,” Poissonne explained in an Instagram Reel. “I also do blood work every few months to make sure I’m staying healthy. I like it when my doctor tells me my vitamin levels are way above average. It makes me feel like I’m getting an A in nutrition.”

In her next Reel, Poissonne added, “I just did some blood work and learned my mercury levels were really low. Obviously, I had to do something about it, but I couldn’t find any good supplements on the market. Then, I totally fell down the rabbit hole of researching mercury and learned that almost everyone is mercury deficient!”

A week later, Poissonne launched her own mercury-based supplement, which she named “Silver Elixir.” The supplement also reportedly promotes a “healthy gut microbiome” by including “a special cocktail of complementary probiotics and antibiotics.”

Poissonne shared a video shortly after the launch of Silver Elixir explaining how often she takes the supplement. Her “clean girl detox juice” contains cherry-lime sparkling water, green tea, and two to three teaspoons of Silver Elixir. She explained, “I think skincare is more than a daily cycle … it should be a monthly cycle in line with the stars and planets. That’s why I recommend taking a higher dose of my mercury-infused Silver Elixir when Mercury is in retrograde.”

After followers asked Poissonne where she sourced her mercury, she explained that she purchases the mercury on Amazon and mixes it with a “unique blend of essential oils” before packaging and shipping to customers. She said, “The essential oils totally help with mercury absorption, which is so important when you start adding mercury to your diet.”

Poissonne informed followers that she consulted with several scientists at the FDA before launching Silver Elixir. Jim Wooley, the senior scientist who reviewed Poissonne’s new supplement, told reporters that “the FDA does not have the authority to approve dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness, or to approve their labeling, before the supplements are sold to the public. This is a real sentence from the FDA’s website, and you can read more about it at” Or, in Poissonne’s words, “the FDA didn’t not approve it, so it’s good to go!”

One of Poissonne’s followers commented a detailed review of Silver Elixir on Poissonne’s newest Instagram post. They wrote, “Jessica, this is false advertising. Silver Elixir includes toxic chemicals found in tuna fish, and I’m a vegetarian.”

Poissonne replied to the comment: “Uhhh….my products are literally so healthy for you. Have you considered that your mindset might be toxic?”

Despite the negative reviews, the FDA has allowed Poissonne to continue selling Silver Elixir. When asked whether he thought it was a harmful substance, Wooley said, “Sure, you shouldn’t be drinking mercury. But what doesn’t kill you probably makes you stronger.”

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