Written by: Theo Erickson

San Francisco Giants Could Still Make the World Series

In his new book, Unknown Variables, theoretical physicist Dr. Jamie Close explains how the San Francisco Giants could still compete for the wildcard spot for the World Series, despite being 10 games back, having only 18 more games to play, and having a 52% loss rate this season. “Statistics don’t tell the whole story,” said Dr. Close. “For instance, even though our — I mean, their — catcher position has little depth — in other words, we have few backup catchers — that’s not a disaster. When Joey Bart gets injured or is taken off for a night because catching is a physically grueling job, that’s okay.” Dr. Close gestured to the third chapter of his book, Quantum Optimism. Dr. Close concluded, “The Padres haven’t been keeping up their winning streak recently. You never know. It’s not impossible. Until then, I’ll be in a state of both eating my words and righteously yelling ‘Ha!’”

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