Written by: Connor Betterly

New Students Incorrectly Pronouncing RIMAC

This fall, many first-year students have been found pronouncing RIMAC as “lion tree.” This is a notable departure from previous years, where most students that pronounced it incorrectly said it as “RYE-mack,” rather than “REE-mack.” One student remarked, “It’s amazing the vocal change that five million additional dollars in Khosla’s wallet can bring.”

Older students have vowed to not succumb to the change in pronunciation. One fourth-year said, “Ever since the arena’s inaugural speech by former First Lady Hillary Clinton, it has always been the Recreation, Intramural, and Athletic Complex. I think it’s pretty simple, actually. Why is this so confusing for the newcomers?” His questioning continued, “Why aren’t they struggling as much with the RIMAC Annex?”

Rimac Automobili, a subsidiary of Bugatti Rimac, also expressed disappointment at the mispronunciation. “This name was a small but important driver of traffic to our website. This loss will be devastating.” They soon realized that the change was hardly affecting them at all, as most UCSD students are not purchasing hypercars.

A second-year noted, “It’s not the only poorly named thing on campus. There are actually girls in Geisel. And for some reason there aren’t many families that want to go to the Epstein Family Amphitheater. I wonder what the university will come up with next.”

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