Written by: Jacob King

Elon Musk Declares Himself “Techno-Emperor of the Universe”

Musk made the announcement on Twitter this morning, where he also said that he has “already been forcing Tesla employees to use the title for months,” and was “disappointed that they call [him] Techno-toddler behind [his] back.” This prompted “Techno-toddler” to trend on Twitter for 24 hours. As part of the campaign, many people posted drawings and photoshopped images of Musk in a diaper.

In response, self-described “Elon-stans” organized a rally outside of the Tesla headquarters in Austin, Texas, where they held up signs reading “My Emperor” and “Tech is the future. Elon is tech. We must surrender to what will come.” These “Elon-stans” also held up a life sized portrait of Musk in royal attire and were seen bowing and crying in front of it.

“Titles don’t mean anything,” said Musk in a recent interview. “I mean, CEO is just a fake name for a fake job. Like what does a ‘Chief Executive Officer’ even do? I can do everything a CEO can as a Techno-Emperor. That is to say, absolutely nothing.”

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