Written by: Taggert Smith

By Doc Pepper
YouTube Daredevil

Hey guys! Welcome back to another challenge video. Now, you may have heard the misconception that White people can’t handle spicy foods, so we here at DareTube are taking that as a challenge. So, all you DareDevils at home, have your phones in hand and get ready to call 911, cause we’re about to set this place on fiyah! That’s right, I said 9-1-1. Please don’t forget it. 9-1-1. 

To start off this challenge, I’m actually doing a collab with my inspiration, Don Sean Evans. I’m going to eat a total of 100 spicy wings while he asks me a question. The question will be, “Do you need medical help?” My response will be — spoiler alert — “I love it!” 

As some of y’all know, I’m from Texas, so I was raised on authentic spicy food, like chile rellenos, pico de gallo, and one-half-fire-emoji-rated salsa. You know, recipes that my ancestors found laying around somewhere, around the time Christopher Columbus slaughtered his way through the New World. In honor of that heritage, I’m going to make a traditional habanero salsa and inject it straight into my bloodstream. 

After that, to really put my spice tolerance to the test, my friends here in the black suits are going to waterboard me in a tub of Tabasco and spank my pasty little ass until I tell them what they want to know … which is, of course, “I love it!” 

Meanwhile, these fine gentlemen will stuff seven Moruga scorpions sequentially into my rectum, only because I was told it’s either that, or actual scorpions. At this point, I may start to turn “stoplight red” (which means keep going and hope your truck is big enough to survive getting Tboned in that intersection). It’s really just another shade of white. Still, I think the medically inadvisable range of the spectrum suggests a little exotic spice, you know? Much like the exotic spices that will soon be packed into my nostrils until they’re seasoning my frontal lobe. Of course, all I will think is “I love it!” 

The next part I won’t spoil, because it’s going to be released as OnlyFans-exclusive content. But let’s just say they’ve found new ways to violate me that I can’t legally discuss on this website. My safeword is “more,” and my debt is crippling. Please consider donating to my Patreon if you haven’t already. A pledge of just one dollar contributes to the possibility that these exotic torture artists will let me see my family again someday. 

Don’t forget to try the Please Help challenge at home, and send in all your videos for me or my next of kin to watch! #PleaseHelpTheyWontLetMeLeaveChallenge. Let’s get it trending y’all, preferably quickly. 

Oh, I almost forgot — shout-out to Red Bull for sponsoring this video. 

They didn’t give me money like I hoped, but they did give me all these wings. Unfortunately, mafia debts and hospital bills can’t be paid in spicy wings. So remember to donate, my DareDevils, and subscribe for more televised human suffering!

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