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My Life Isn’t So Bad Actually vs. I’m From a Different Dimension, You’re in the dark timeline

Written by: Jacob King


My Life Isn’t So Bad Actually

By Ben Wilson
“Bad” Version

I know this may sound crazy, but I kinda enjoy my life. After over a year of staying inside and doing nothing but watching the most god awful tv shows that streaming services shoved in my face I’m finally ready to reinvent my life. Well not really reinvent more so just make so marginal changes, but hey that something! You know, like finally getting my grades up for college. I mean I still don’t have any motivation for any of the classes, but at least I’ve learned how to push past that and put in more than the bare minimum effort needed to pass. My laundry no longer piles up on my floor for a month, now it just piles up in a hamper! I’ve been putting myself out there more lately. I’ve joined some clubs on campus and have even talking to a girl. She seems to really like me and doesn’t mind my eyepatch. It’s been really hard adjusting to life with it and it’s so nice to have someone who doesn’t just yell “Arrrr” every time they see me. After so long I’m finally feeling optimistic again. I now see a future for myself where I’m happy and loved with a nice stable job and a house. Not a house in a state that people that actually want to live in but one of those nicer second-rate states, like Wisconsin.


I’m From a Different Dimension, You’re in the dark timeline

By Ben Wilson
“Good” Version

Your platitudes are meaningless, your universe is doomed. I come from a world devoid of all problems that face your society. I would name all of the ways my universe is superior to yours, but there are too many to list. Instead I’m just going to the most important ones to show you that indeed your life is hopeless. That woman you are currently speaking to, she is not interested in you. She is only returning your chats because she is bored. The one woman who would truly love you died in a car accident three years ago. Your life will be filled with nothing but dull love that fades quickly. It also does not matter that you are passing your classes, you are a humanities major. In the coming climate apocalypse you will have no valuable skills to give to your community. If you are lucky you will endure back breaking labor every day in exchange for food and safety, more likely though you will be sacrificed at the first moment. These developments are unavoided. Your world has been built on a society of misinformation driven by capital interests. There were many points to stop this fate, yet none were taken. Any small victory that may seem to better the state of things is actually just false hope. Too far gone is this world and its people. The level of reconstruction on a fundamental level your society would need to even narrowly avoid the cascade of tragedies that lie ahead of you is much too large for your society to do in its current state. Wallow in your misery for maybe it’s hollow shal will bring you comfort in the end times. It does not matter where you live, the only state that is guaranteed for you is despair.

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