Spotify Wrapped Now Includes Theft of Wages Stat


Written by: Andrew Sitko

Spotify Wrapped Now Includes Theft of Wages Stat

In a new twist to the annual Spotify Wrapped statistics given to listeners on the platform, Spotify has added a “Theft of Wages” stat. Spotify Wrapped is a compilation of statistics that Spotify users can use to understand the amount of hours someone listened to specific artists and the genres of music they explored. Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, commented on the new addition, saying, “We here at Spotify noticed that listeners were posting proudly about how much they had listened to a specific artist or genre of music. Seeing that, we realized that these people had no idea how much they were screwing over their favorite artists. We pay a half or a third of a cent per stream of a song. Artists on our platform earn essentially nothing per stream and even after being streamed a million times, will end up with a measly $3,000 plus some change. We really wanted to rub in how much we just abuse our artists.” Spotify’s Wrapped has officially released a concept for the new statistic with the template, “You have listened to (artist) for (#) hours, they have received a measly (revenue) for your lack of true support. Thanks! -Spotify.”

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