Written by: Adam Yoshinaga

Khosla Announces Halloween Costume — Sexy Chancellor

Last week Chancellor Khosla made a public apology regarding his previous year’s costume. “I’m dearly sorry for scaring some of you with my costume last year. I’ll try not to send you fake emails anymore; I’ve realized some of you can’t take a fucking joke.”

After his apology, Khosla announced he has decided to dress up as a sexy chancellor this coming Halloween. “I want to try and show you how it’s done. Back in my day, I used to get all the ladies. I’m sure nothing’s changed, just don’t tell my wife.”

Khosla went on to say how he would be “showing off his guns,” and “not wearing a suit for once.” One student speculated that he would also “shave that ugly rug off of his face.” Others disagreed, with one claiming “it hides his face, so I don’t know if that’s the best idea.”

Khosla responded to the student’s statement, saying: “I’m not gonna shave, I’m growing it out for No-Shave November. And it ain’t the only challenge I’m gonna attempt this month,” he added, winking.

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