Written by: Summer Davis

Area Woman Named Summer Prepared for Three Months of Dad Jokes

Local graduating UCSD senior Summer Irvine is reportedly preparing for a new season of jokes about her name. An informal study revealed that while jokes about the name Summer are frequent throughout the year, they have a spike in activity in mid- May, and are correlated with warmer weather, meeting new people, and the parental status of the joke-maker.

“It started when I was born,” Irvine said. “My mom wanted to know what my name should be, and my dad was like, ‘What time is it?’ And then he said it’s summer time. And now I have to live with that.”

Other students named Summer reported similar struggles, like Summer Benson, a high school senior. “I have a collection of yearbooks that are filled with pages of people writing ‘Have a great summer, Summer,’ with a winky face. They all act like it’s a brand new joke, even though every person who signed it before them did the same thing.”

Irvine continued to experience these issues while searching for employment: “At a job interview once, I introduced myself and the interviewer said, ‘You’re too early. It’s January.’ I mean, what am I supposed to do? Not laugh? I wanted the job. You know, later I found out his daughter was named Autumn. What a stupid name.”

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