Written by: Matthew Miltimore

National Beverage Corporation, producer of “vaguely fruit-flavored” LaCroix seltzer water, faces new challenges following the release of a report last Thursday revealing a 39 percent drop in sales. CEO Nick Caporella feels prepared to update the seltzer taste to something that resembles a flavor, rather than what consumers call “uncomfortably carbonated bath water.”

“I just don’t understand why people would stop buying our product,” said Caporella in a statement released earlier this week, “but I’m committed to regaining our base of lonely moms and 20-year-olds who think they’re better than you.” Caporella plans to implement “drastic changes” in how flavors are added to their drinks. Instead of the previous method of blowing fruit-flavored vapors into a big pot of Pellegrino and then re-canning the water, LaCroix will now burn tropical-extract essential oils in the same room where they store the seltzer. “Our company hopes this change will convince consumers that our drink is still worth burping for.”

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