King Midas: “Golden Globes Were Disappointing”

Written by: Stephen Lightfoot

Though Midas was angered by the Golden Globes, his friend Oscar remained emotionless.
Photo by: Jack Yang

Following the 76th Golden Globes Awards, infamous political figurehead King Midas called the event “a sham.” First posted to his Twitter account and later confirmed in an interview on MSNBC, Midas criticized the Golden Globes as a whole, saying, “Look, I understand that it’s an awards show, and I agree that the work done by the cast and crew members is incredible. The pursuit and attempt to create entertaining and engaging TV and film is worthy of recognition, no questions asked. I just think that it’s a jerk move to call them the GOLDEN Globes. They’re obviously referencing me, and I haven’t even gotten an invite in years, much less a nomination. Plus, ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ totally got snubbed for Best Musical or Comedy, which is bullshit.”

This isn’t the first time that Midas has critiqued the Golden Globes — he has accused the award show year after year for defamation and harassment despite failing to follow through with any lawsuits. One Twitter thread from 2016 resurfaced after Midas’s most recent criticisms, which began with Midas tweeting: “I don’t wanna seem like a drama king, but the #GoldenGlobes kind of seems like a personal attack against me. Like I get it guys, I touch stuff and it turns to gold. No need to be dicks about it.” After one user replied that the awards were more focused on gold’s image of affluence, wealth, and happiness, Midas replied in what most agreed was a “hostile tone,” tweeting, “Yeah RIGHT @direlad37. If gold is supposed to make you feel so affluent and happy, why do I feel so depressed and empty all the time ??” Midas later apologized for the tweet, stating that he was drunk off of imported Golden Grain liquor, which sits at 190-proof “24-carat style.”

In response to his remarks, Midas had received numerous complaints from actors and industry professionals from across the country. Though technically a member of the Hollywood elite in terms of net worth, many within the industry have called Midas a “has-been who’s just trying to get attention.” One source, who wished to remain anonymous, had a unique perspective on Midas’ inner thoughts. “Look, Midas may claim that his whole beef with the Golden Globes is that they’re making fun of him, but the truth is that he’s pissed. He got beat out for Best Male TV Star in ’62 by John Daly, and he’s been a real sore loser ever since.”

Another source, who also wished to remain anonymous, said, “I mean, yeah, he’s not being the nicest about it, but at the end of the day, you gotta feel bad for him in some way. And deep down, I feel like most people really do feel sorry for him. Awards like the Golden Globes are the ONE thing he could touch without it turning to gold, but then ’62 happened. Poor guy’s never been the same since. Plus, you know, his daughter did die in a freak accident involving gold. So that may also have something to do with it.”

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